Our Sustainability Values

Our industry is making leaps and bounds in choosing clean, safe ingredients & formulas. Where can we find packaging that meets the same high standards of quality?

When we couldn’t find 100% biodegradable, plant-based, petroleum-free and additive-free packaging on the market that was shelf stable: we decided to invent it ourselves.

Meet our patent-pending bamboo packaging, designed for compatibility with a range of personal care formulas and an eco-friendly end of life disposal.

grove of green bamboo

Sourcing & Bamboo Sustainability

Bamboo is renewable. It holds the Guinness World Record as the fastest growing plant in the world, sometimes growing 3 feet within a day. That means it grows back fast and helps offset carbon emissions by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere (Van der Lugt P., et al 2018). Bamboo is often used in construction, furniture, home goods, and even clothing for its durability, which makes it an ideal material for packaging.

Locally sourced and upcycled from Zhejiang, China: we partner with a local supplier to upcycle bamboo from the furniture and construction industry; this excess bamboo typically goes to waste in the landfill or is used for kindling. Our supplier harvests a limited amount of bamboo each year to maintain a healthy density in the natural bamboo forests that we source from. Local economies often rely on the bamboo industry, especially in mountainous regions of China such as Sichuan, Hunan, and Zhejiang (a province in eastern China).

rows of glass jars being filled by white skincare product with scientist in lab coat in the background

Clean Beauty: Think Beyond the INCI List

Just as you carefully vet your formulas to choose safe, effective, uncontaminated, sustainably-sourced ingredients–we’ve done the same with packaging. Our raw materials are 100% plant-derived and synthesized cleanly from fermentation (unlike fossil fuel-derived conventional plastics). 

Conventional suppliers fail to disclose the processing aids, plasticizers (e.g. phthalates), and hardeners (e.g. BPA) that they add to your packaging. These toxic and irritating additives can invisibly leach into your product and harm the consumer. Besides in petroleum plastic products, these additives can also be found in linings and coatings of otherwise inert packaging materials like aluminum.

Our bamboo packaging will help you achieve your clean beauty goals, inside and outside the bottle.

green composting bin sticking out of a pile of mulch on a beige background

Disposal & End of Life

We cannot recycle our way out of the plastic pollution crisis. Only 8.7% of plastic gets recycled each year in the US. (EPA.gov, 2018). Much of plastic packaging doesn’t make it through recycling facilities because of color, small size, or material type. Even plastics that make the cut can only be recycled a limited number of times. That’s why we designed our products for curbside compostability.

Composting is the next sustainability frontier. Our products are 100% biodegradable, and we are in process of testing our material against the ASTM 6400 standard for industrial composting. That means users will be able to rinse and toss empty packaging into their green compost bin. Even if our products mistakenly end up in the trash or landfill, they will degrade into non-toxic particles instead of harmful microplastics. In fact, the bioresins we use are found naturally in the ocean environment and are marine biodegradable (Suzuki, M. et al., 2021).